Course Description

This course will help you to understand the difference between leadership and management, what are the most common leadership styles and how your own leadership style affects your team.

You will study the following topics:

The difference between leadership and management

Why is leadership important

How to assess and develop leadership characteristics

Trust and leadership styles

Leadership theories - situational and Tannenbaum

Throughout all the above you will be tasked to complete numerous activities, that will allow you to reflect and assess your own leadership style and ability.


Lynsey Heeks

I have 15 years’ experience of managing and leading within a highly commercial environment, combined with 7 years’ experience of teaching Leadership, Management, Coaching and HR. This ensures that I can relate your learning to real life experience and help you put your learning in to context. My Philosophy I have had the pleasure of being managed by some fantastic leaders/managers in my career, and it has been great to take their best practice and apply it in the learning that I deliver within my courses. On the flipside I have also been managed by some leaders/managers who have clearly never attended a Leadership and Management course (or have not applied their learning!) and who have not understood that being a manager involves people, who are different and have different needs. These experiences have shaped me as a manager and a leader, and whether negative or positive, have all helped me to improve my own practices and techniques within management. This is one of the reasons why I love to train and teach across the whole spectrum of leaders – from aspiring managers, first line managers to senior managers, as we all have some excellent experience to share and can learn from each other. My philosophy within any of my courses is that we all know the right thing to do, we just don’t always know we know! It is my job to facilitate your learning and guide you through this process so that you can take your knowledge and have the confidence to be better leaders and managers within your own workplaces.What do I know…..? I know that studying, working and juggling family time can be a real challenge – I have a nearly teenage daughter, 3 step daughters, 2 grand-daughters and a big smelly Labrador dog, so I totally understand the challenges that you will face and I will help you.And finally, I know that Friday nights are great especially at “wine o’clock” time – I am very partial to a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and I will ensure we celebrate together (albeit virtually!) especially when you have achieved your qualification or finished your course. Your success will be a real opportunity for us all to celebrate!

Course curriculum

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