Course Description

This course will help you to develop your knowledge and understanding and be able to manage performance in the workplace as required by a practising or potential first line manager.. You will learn key aspects and skills of performance management and understand how to apply them within your own practice.

You will study the following topics:

What is performance management

The role of the first line manager in performance management

Fair and objective assessment methods

The use of SMART objective setting

How to set performance standards

The importance of feedback

The potential causes of underperformance

Throughout all the above you will be tasked to complete numerous activities, that will allow you to reflect and assess your own performance management ability.


Tracy Callaghan

I have 18 years experience of working within Human Resource Management and Operational Management roles. This is combined with 5 years experience of teaching CIPD courses. I have a BSc honours degree (in Physics – yes, really!), a Cert Ed and CIPD Level 7 Advanced Dip in HRM (PGDip HRM). I have personally completed level 3, 5 and 7 CIPD qualifications which allows me to combine my own experiences as a student, a teacher and an experienced HR professional in ensuring that I can help you put your learning into context by providing real life examples throughout the course.I gained my experience first and then got qualified later, so I welcome people at all stages in their career to come and learn with me, there is definitely no right or wrong order to do it!I was born and bred in Liverpool, instilled with an attitude of never give up and educated not to use big words when you can use 20 small ones instead! This has stood me in good stead, as my approach to everything is to take complicated ideas and break them down into small understandable chunks.I have worked in both Regional Management roles and as a Human Resource Business Partner, so I know that what we read in textbooks doesn’t always work or happen in the real world. My role is to encourage you to be critical of information presented to you and to bring the topics to life with as many real life examples as possible. I know that some of my tutors have been less than inspiring and this keeps me on my toes, constantly challenging myself to come up with new and better ways of teaching. I also know that some of my teachers have been brilliant and can remember the feeling of being interested and challenged, of being inspired to learn more. So I incorporate ideas from them into your lessons.I know that you will have worked hard and put a lot of time and effort into gaining your qualification, so we will definitely celebrate your success when the time comes!

Course curriculum

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