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8 x ILM accredited units/topics of study -  Worth £792

A series of videos and lessons for your selected units of study.

8 x E workbook for each unit, to work through in conjunction with the videos and lessons - Worth £320

ILM student registration and assessment - Worth £999

ILM Award qualification certificate - Worth £30


8 x Assignment guides and video tutorials - Worth £319.92

1 x Harvard Referencing guide and video tutorial -  Worth £9.99

Please Note: You will be sent your first e-workbook once you have successfully registered and made payment for this course. All following workbooks will be sent as and when you have completed and submitted each preceding assignment.

The ILM Level 5 (2nd year degree level) in Leadership and Management is an accredited qualification (City and Guilds of London Institute) which is recognised and valued on a worldwide basis. This course is specifically aimed at senior managers who have substantial people management and budgetary responsibility. This programme has been devised by a practising senior leader/manager to cover some of the main strategic people management and organisational issues that we face when we lead.

Getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on your own performance and your organisational performance.

It is for this reason that the programme has been designed to include units that will further enhance your abilities as a Leader and Manager, and to give you the confidence to adopt and implement proven management/leadership practices and techniques. The course is flexible to allow you to study wherever you like, at a time to suit you as long as you have internet connection!

We will cover such topics as:

Assessing your own leadership capability to improve performance – You will assess and analyse the leadership practices and techniques adopted by your management and yourself. This will link closely to leadership and management theory, and will include recommendations for improvement in order to motivate and communicate effectively with your teams.

Managing recruitment - You will explain the role and relevance of human resource planning in your own organisation.You will also assess the impact of legal requirements on human resource planning in the organisation.You will then assess the impact of organisational policies and procedures on human resource planning in the organisation and you will Implement the recruitment process in own area of responsibility, ensuring all procedures are followed and necessary records are kept in line with legal and organisational requirements

Managing Meetings - You will develop your understanding and ability to manage meetings as required by a practising or potential middle manager. You will learn about the different types and purpose of meetings, how to ensure that meetings are as effective as possible to ensure that objectives are achieved. You will also learn about how to control meetings and develop your assertiveness and negotiation skills plus more.

Managing and implementing change in the workplace - you will learn how to effectively manage and implement change in the workplace and understand the issues faced by staff when change is introduced.

Understanding the management role to improve performance -

You will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the middle management role and be able to plan your own development. You will cover:
Goals and objectives, specific roles and responsibilities of the middle manager, interpersonal and communication skills plus their barriers along with much more..

Managing individual development -

You will learn how to develop your own ability to be able to manage individual development as required by a practising or potential middle manager. This will involve being able to evaluate individual performance in an organisation and being able to devise and implement a personal development plan for an individual within your team.

This course will be made available upon successful completion and passing of the above units first.

Understanding the skills, principles and practice of effective coaching and mentoring - 

You will learn and understand the role and contribution of coaching and mentoring to individuals and organisations. You will also make a case for using management coaching and mentoring in your organisation. This will involve understanding the role of a coach/mentor, learning about the skills, tools and techniques required to be an effective coach/mentor, and also being able to evaluate the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring.

This course will be made available upon successful completion and passing of the above units first.

Management Communication - 

You will develop your understanding and ability to communicate effectively, as required by a practising or potential middle manager. You will learn the importance of effective communication and develop your communication skills in order to be a more effective manager.

This course will be made available upon successful completion and passing of the above units first.

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